Tuesday, 2 August 2011

New Wine Day 2


A fantastic talk by Kenny Borthwick started the day. He talked about the twins of nurture and mission and how, as churches, we are often better at developing nurture. He also talked about being properly tone deaf and how the disciples didn't really 'get it' about being servant-hearted - even after 3 years day-by-day with Jesus. That must be encouraging for us...
I spent some time exploring the marketplace (including a chance to use the Lee Abbey Internet Cafe to adjust my blog theme slightly). The long slog back up the hill with the pushchair was, too put it mildly, exhausting.
Afternoon was dominated by a birthday party and games for a child on the campsite. It was a Toy story themed event. I had a Buzz Light Year mask and was team leader for a group of 2-8 year olds. To infinity and beyond!
I didn't make it to Rob Parson's evening talk, mainly because I spent the time trying to find a hot shower to wash our two-year old in. Due to various sugar-coated foods and playing outdoors, she had become rather sticky over the last twenty four hours. Good news - she's clean now! After I had got her to sleep I hear some people trying to affirm each other in the next door awning - seems like that had been a theme of Rob Parson's talk.
I finished the day with a glass of day and semi-raucous laughter with friends.
For those avid readers of my blog (that'll be the Reeds then!) you'll see I didn't actually post this last night. That was because my phone had run out of juice. However the photo included in this post demonstrates that I did actually write this by hand first.

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