Monday, 1 August 2011

Looking forward to Tear-y Tuesday

For myself and a good friend every Tuesday in the year has the potential to become tear-y: a day of tears and sadness. I don't know if it's because it falls before the halfway point of the week; whether it's because it's named after the Anglo-Saxon god of the underworld; or just because. Whatever the cause, Tuesday is often tear-y.

At New Wine, Tear-y Tuesday takes on a whole different meaning. It's the day when the *scary* speaker takes the stage in Venue One.

Jackie Pullinger, Heidi Baker, and this year Caroline Cox. They are all 'doers - people who condense the nonsense' according to Mark Bailey. They offer challenge because they are really out there - far from 'normal jobs' and 'normal church.'

And then there was that one year, 2009 I think, when a pastor from New Zealand preached (apologies - I can't remember his name). He only talked about cost - no successes. He basically told his life story of following Jesus, with all of the good bits cut out. It was powerful, challenging stuff and I remember it caused much debate on our campsite with opinions spread across a wide spectrum from those who had really loved it as a refreshing change, to those who thought it shouldn't have been allowed.

Each year, everyone has a day off on Wednesdays to go and do their own thing. Maybe it's this feature of the week which makes the Tuesday speaker the most challenging - it gives something to think about for the next day. Something to calm down about even.

Or maybe it's just coincidence.

Either way, I've never heard Caroline Cox talk before, and I don't know anything about her. But I'm looking forward to the challenge she will bring.

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