Monday, 1 August 2011

Flip the worship ((tag; worship))

Flip the worship

One of the perennial problems at New Wine is that many people don't know the songs that are new at the start of the conference. By the time we've learnt them it's time to leave.

That's great for taking fab new songs back into our churches, but can make some of the worship times feel a bit flat.

In education circles new technologies and pedagogies have led to a technique called 'Flipping the classroom." This is where children are introduced to a new concept before they enter the classroom through a YouTube video or online collaboration on Google Docs. The role of the teacher is then to guide the children to applying the concept, learning the skill mote deeply and intervening with this students who haven't grasped the concept so well.

Wouldn't it be great to do that with New Wine worship?

Studio recording sessions could be filmed and placed on YouTube. Chord sheets of new songs shared via Google Docs to worship leaders from participating churches a month or so before.

Then we could be singing the songs on the way down to New Wine and be able to join in much more quickly and deeply with song worship at the start of the week.

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