Friday, 4 November 2011

Chromebooks hit year 6

chromebook review.mp4 Watch on Posterous

The Chromebooks, having been enrolled over for the past couple of days, were given to Year 6 today.

Their purpose was simple - test them, see what they can do, review them.

Would the children be able to access their favourite internet sites? Would the children be able to access some of our purchased services, such as Espresso and Education City?

The children accessed a shared Google Spreadsheet while they were doing this testing, filling in the cells to inform me of what they were finding (that's in the video above).

Here are some of the results from the spreadsheet:

1. Positives of the Chromebooks

Wordle: chromebook postives
2. Negatives of the Chromebooks
Wordle: Chromebook negatives
3. Some children went on to find that all of our purchased services - Espresso, Education City and Mathletics do work.
Next week Year 3 will be testing the Chromebooks on Purple Mash and Year 6 will be using them to plan a fundraising event through the shared use of a Google Spreadsheet. Can't wait.

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