Sunday, 31 July 2011

New Wine Day 1

New Wine Day 1

We arrived safely, nourished by Burger King at MichaelWood Services. The site was a bit scary when we got here: the village hosts had had quite a stressful time organising everyone and I think that was replicated across the site according to the compliments Mark Bailey paid them at the evening talk.

Sign-ups for the children's groups was no problem and it looks like all thee will have an exciting week ahead. The adults' program looks equally as entertaining, although I've not yet had the time to look at it properly.

Unpacking went smoothly apart from one slight problem with a flat battery in our caravan that was swiftly fixed by our caravan provider.

After dropping the car, I walked past a small child in floods of tears who had lost her campsite. Ten minutes of trawling around the various Purple zones later, we eventually found her tent. The showground is so packed this year, it's quite easy to lose your way.

The evening talk by Mark Bailey was really good, urging us to regain our passion and excitement. He called for those who wanted to respond to that to come to the front and nearly everyone did (I was among them - how could you not respond to that?) There were one or two nuances in the talk that I found slightly worrying, but I'm going to come back to them later in the week.

Right now my family is all asleep, and I'm going to join them.


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