Monday, 13 December 2010

Running out of ideas to increase skills in gifted children

The picture is what we use as the pinnacle of our '99' club test. This was a test that we introduced a few years ago to help increase children's instant recall and mental mathematics skills. Unfortunately, 99 club wasn't big enough, so introduced a 'superstars club'. Then that was completed so we made up a 'mega-stars' club. Even that wasn't enough, so I designed a killer test - Gigastars club, thinking no self-respecting 10 or 11 year old would pass that. Even my brother-in-law who's a red-hot software designer type could only do half of it in the required 10 minutes.

But then last year, one plucky 10-year old did the test. In only ten-minutes. We allow 3 wrong to get the certificate. She got 2 wrong. What a star. What a 'giga-star' in fact!

But now, what do we do now? She's still got a year with us. Helpful suggestions about where to go next with our skills development would be most appreciated.

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