Saturday, 26 June 2010

Google Teacher Academy

I'm quite excited about the prospect of attending the Google teacher Academy in July this year. It's the first one to be held in London and I got in to it partly on the strength of my video which you can see here.

The video is a bit mad really - you obviously can't teach telekinesis to primary phase children - it's more of secondary school job if you ask me.

It also helped to start discovering some well helpful people on the internet who can give advice on technology and the like. Doug Belshaw was one. His blog lives at

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  1. Sounds fantastic! Well done for getting place - I guess you will be attending on 29th July? Looking forward to blog and stuff after.

    Interested to support/follow your three 'local development activities' - I guess Paganel may be on 'Google Apps for Education' by end of year? - could this be part of your Change Programme?

    See you soon